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This is how you succeed in particularly colorful product shootings

Farbenfrohe Produktshootings


For all those who now find the time to implement a few new image ideas, we have great inspiration. Below we will show you a super simple photo setup step by step, explain the structure and of course also go into what accessories you need for it.

Lumen Pocket Produkt

What you need:

  • Acrylic glass
  • Clamps
  • Lumen Pocket RGB
  • diffuser
  • Object to be photographed, for example a long drink
  • camera

What we want to achieve at this point are two things. On the one hand, we want to give the glass a particularly beautiful colored background so that it can make an even more impressive appearance. And on the other hand, we want to create a reflection under the glass, which is another component that gives the image an interesting touch.


  • Acrylic glass & diffuser:

    The acrylic glass, which, like the diffuser, can easily be purchased from online retailers, forms the basis for the object you want to photograph - in this case it is a glass of gin and tonic with ice cubes and lime..

    • Brackets:

      Take the clamps (also available to buy online) and attach them to the left and right of the diffuser and then place the acrylic glass plate on the part of the clamps that protrudes slightly from the diffuser. Then place the object on the acrylic glass plate so that you can see the reflection of the object clearly in the picture later.

      • Lumen Pocket RGB for bombastic color accents:

        In the next step, take our new handy ones LED lights Lumen Pocket RGB and place it behind the diffuser. In this way, the light shines on the object from behind and highlights its contours, creating a wonderful color accent around the object. Of course, this is also possible with just a single light, so you can only achieve one color. We have ourselves for two at this point Lumen Pocket RGB decided so that we are able to combine two colors with each other.

        • Object:

          In our case, the next step was to fill the glass. To make the image look even better, it makes sense to keep the surroundings as dark as possible. So: pull down the blinds, close the curtains and off you go. In our case they were Lumen Pocket RGB then set to 100 percent and in this way they put all their power into illuminating the crystal glass. By the way, you can use ours Lumen Pocket also easy to use with our Lumen app on your smartphone.


          Lumen Pocket Shooting




          camera lens cover Shutter ISO
          Canon EOS R Canon RF 24-105mm 8th 1/25 100


          Lumen App


          Our Lumen Pocket RGB You can set it manually on the device, but also with the Lumen app from Rollei. This means you can easily adjust colors, intensities and gradients with your smartphone without having to put the camera down.




          With the Lumens LEDseries, you don't have to rely on a professional camera, you can only create brilliant content with it Smartphone create


          Iphone 11ProCanon EOS

          Have fun imitating and stay healthy. Under the motto: #StayHomeAndCreate.

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